R – Emotional Intelligence Glossary

Reuven Bar-On: Reuven Bar-On is a psychologist and the person who coined the term “E.Q.” (“Emotional Quotient”) in 1985 and created the Bar-On model of emotional-social intelligence. Based on the conceptual component of this model, he developed the Bar-On EQ-iEQ-360EQ-interview and EQ-i:YV to assess emotionally and socially intelligent behavior. His conceptual and psychometric model is considered to be one of the three leading models of emotional intelligence according to the Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology [2004]. He co-authored or co-edited the following works on emotional-social intelligence: Optimizing People [1999], The Handbook of Emotional Intelligence [2000], Heart Work [2000] and Educating People to Be Emotionally Intelligent [2006]. [In light of the fact his name is a transliteration from the Hebrew, it can and does appear as “Bar On” or “Bar-On” in addition to “Bar-On” in Latin letters.]


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