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    Submitting comments, questions and requests related to the content of this website:

    I would like to encourage academics, students, researchers, practitioners and laypeople to ask questions, make comments and provide information that can be shared with other website visitors. Please email me directly ([email protected]).

    In addition to contributing anything you wish related to any aspect of emotional-social intelligence and closely associated concepts, I am particularly interested in receiving information regarding the application of this wider construct in parenting, education, occupational performance and healthcare ([email protected]).

    Besides discussing the Bar-On model of emotional-social intelligence (EI) as well as other EI models and anything related to various aspects of EI and closely associated concepts, you are invited to provide pertinent information regarding up-and-coming conferences, workshops, seminars and lectures that you yourself are organizing, participating in or are aware of. If you email a brief description, dates and a link for receiving additional information about this event, we will post it in the Announcements section.

    Lastly, those who are interested in receiving additional information regarding EI services provided by Reuven Bar-On are requested to contact me directly ([email protected]).

    Please exercise netiquette in sharing information, ideas and opinions.

    Although you are encouraged to share ideas and information, it is important to support this with factual material and to exercise netiquette in the way in which this is done.

    Please read our disclaimer about the protection of intellectual property on this website.



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