Publications by Dr. Reuven Bar-On on the Bar-On Model of EI

This segment of the website lists works authored or co-authored by Dr. Bar-On on the Bar-On conceptual and psychometric model of emotional-social intelligence (EI). These publications are listed below according to the following categories:

Ideas for continued research in the area of emotional-social intelligence

Although it is important to re-examine earlier studies with larger and more diverse samples to confirm findings, I am especially interested in expanding the examination of the following areas using my measures of emotional-social intelligence together with other well-established and well-validated EI instruments:

  • The correlation between the EQ-iEQ-360 and EQ-i:YV and other EI measures
  • A factor analytic study of the major EI instruments to examine the structure of EI
  • The neurological foundations of EI
  • The impact of EI on physical health and EI profiling of medical disorders
  • The impact of EI on psychological health and EI profiling of psychiatric disorders
  • The development of EI from infancy to old age
  • The impact of EI on parenting
  • The impact of EI on organizational effectiveness, productivity and profitability
  • The impact of EI on giftedness/creativity and its application in education and work
  • The correlations between EI measures and measures of closely-related constructs such as moral/ethical competence, spiritual development, well-being and the Bar-On multifactor model of human behavior and performance

Those who may have been working in these specific areas and are interested in getting involved in joint research projects are encouraged to contact me directly.

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