Protection of intellectual property

With respect to content posted on this website, sources will be cited as accurately as possible, and every effort will be made to protect intellectual property. Great care will be exercised in citing the author or co-authors, the exact name of the publication or presentation cited, the date and place of publication or presentation, as well as other information that accurately identifies the source when available.

Events and other assorted information appearing in the Announcement section

By listing the conferences, workshops and other information appearing on this website, it cannot be concluded that the event is supported or approved by Dr. Reuven Bar-On or that he agrees with the approach of the organizers in conceptualizing, measuring or applying emotional-social intelligence and closely associated concepts. Moreover, listing these events here does not mean that I am endorsing the professional level of the event or the individuals who are conducting or participating in it. The website visitors must collect information about the event in question, study the program, see who is presenting, and then draw their own conclusions about attending it or not.

Submitted research findings

With respect to research findings received from those who wish to contribute to this website, the sources must be cited as accurately as possible by the person providing them. It is the responsibility of all those who contribute this type of information to cite the author or co-authors, the name of the publication or presentation, the date and place of publication or presentation, as well as any other relevant information which is available.

If the summary of the findings being submitted to this website has not yet been published, please indicate that it is: (a) being prepared for publication; (b) being reviewed for publication; or (c) accepted for publication, and please state the name of the journal or book and expected date of publication. If the findings have appeared or will appear in a master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation, please indicate when and where it was accepted or is expected to be accepted. If the findings will not be submitted for publication, indicate that they are unpublished findings. If the findings were presented as an in-house report for an organization, please convey when it was submitted, by whom and for which organization (if this information can be disclosed).

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