D – Emotional Intelligence Glossary

Daniel Goleman: Daniel Goleman is a psychologist who wrote Emotional Intelligence, which was a bestseller published in 1995. This book served to rapidly popularize the field of emotional intelligence worldwide. Together with the Salovey-Mayer and Bar-On models, the Goleman conceptual model of emotional intelligence is considered one of the three leading models of this construct according to the Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology [2004]. Additionally, he co-authored, with Richard Boyatzis, a multi-rater measure of emotional intelligence referred to as the Emotional Competence Inventory(ECI). He has authored or co-authored the following books on the topic of emotional intelligence: Working with Emotional Intelligence [1998], The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace [2001], Primal Leadership [2004] and Social Intelligence [2006].

Definitions of emotional intelligence: These are definitions that describe emotional intelligence (EI). This relates to the concrete descriptions of the various ways EI is conceptualized.


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